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Thursday March 08, 2018

The labouring woman has a choice in her reaction to the pain of her contractions; she can try to rise above it or she can go down into it.

Trying to escape the pain, which seems fleetingly possible at the beginning of each contraction, only brings more fear as it turns out the pain is impossible to escape. Of course fear escalates the pain.

If, on the other hand, the woman becomes absorbed in her work, allowing her body to call her down into the pain and if there is a trusted person there to remind her that it is safe to engage with the pain, then pain becomes the tool by which the labour progresses. A woman IN labour, in a safe place, journeying into the pain will just get on with the job. The pain is meaningful and therefore bearable.

Pain that is not useful is a very different matter. Where the muscle of the uterus is not pulling upwards and the cervix not dilating the pain becomes meaningless and the woman exhausted, dismayed, fearful or angry. This is the first observation that calls for the use of a homeopathic remedy. If the woman loses courage and concentration, if her pains become overwhelming, distressing or frightening and she cannot be brought back by a reassuring hand, the homeopathic remedy will get things back on track.

There are always exceptions to the rule and there are some women who will bravely labour on despite their feeling that all is not right. In this case you as the experienced observer may have to make the call that a remedy is needed.


Homeopathy can be used to get rid of minor irritations as they arise and there are cases which lack clarity where this is what is called for, but essentially this is unnecessary interferance. The removal of some symptoms may mask the moment when the contractions, for some reason, cease to be useful which is the ideal time to give the single homeopathic remedy.

Whatever the reason for this pause in progress be it physical or emotional or an old trauma triggered which must now be worked through, this is the fork in the road where the judiscious use of a homeopathic remedy can ease the woman back to  her task and prevent the necessity of other interventions which carry the possiblity of escalation.

The light  touch of the homeopathic remedy given at the moment it is needed will allow the labour to continue naturally and effectively to its wonderful conclusion.


Monday January 22, 2018

Last Saturday I held an exam for the people who had finished my parent’s course in homeopathy for children. I thought it would be nice for people to have a certificate and the course, which teaches how to use homeopathic remedies for acute illnesses – coughs, colds, tummy upsets, fevers etc, does cover how to understand health holisitically and the basic principles of homeopathy and is a good foundation course so a certificate to show the work you have done is valuable.

Last thing on Friday night, time to print out the exam papers, and my computer starts to do that thing on mission impossible where it destroys itself as you watch. Without the smoke.

Frantically I  start to write the exam again from scratch by hand while my genius son climbs into the wreckage to retrieve what might be left. It is now Monday morning and for the price of a new hard drive he has me up and running again!! Thank you Davy!!!

The next Parents’ Course in Homeopathy for Children starts on Saturday 3rd February. There are still some places – book now!


Homeopathy where it’s needed

Tuesday December 26, 2017

As part of my work with HHA I made four trips to Malawi to teach homeopathy to a group of pastors and health care workers. This started as a way to spread knowledge of how to use Jeremy Sherr’s AIDS epidemic remedies which were so successful in Tanzania but grew and grew. The group we teach are pretty dedicated and diligently use all the information we give them. Because they are surrounded by people who don’t have much access to health care they end up treating serious illnesses. For instance they have had startling results with epilepsy.

For a homeopathic remedy to work well it must suit the individual it is prescribed for. One epilepsy remedy will not suit everyone with epilepsy and in some cases will not help the person at all. The students in Malawi only had one epilepsy remedy. With a certain portion of epilepsy cases they had great success but could not help others.

Last June we taught them other epilepsy remedies. This seems so simple, such a small act. It took me a week to write the booklet on epilepsy remedies and a week to teach it but the students in Malawi have turned it into incredibly real help for many people suffering from epilepsy.

Cicuta virosa is one of the remedies we taught. Even as I taught it some of the students recognised the symptom picture and knew of patients this remedy could help. One nurse in particular knew it was going to help the babies on her ward; babies with nervous systems so wired and sensitive that even a loud noise could set off a fit.

There is huge pleasure for me in putting this sort of knowledge into the hands of someone who knows where to use it. It is why I teach fever remedies to parents, labour remedies to midwives, it is why I teach.

C Section and Homeopathy

Sunday December 24, 2017

When I was volunteering in Africa I was involved in a data collection project in one of the hospitals where HHA had a clinic. The surgical team were one of the most interested in homeopathy having discovered the effectiveness of arnica and were interested to run a trial of bellis perennis which is a homeopathic remedy much like arnica but more suited than arnica to deep abdominal trauma. For the data collection every abdominal surgery patient received placebo or bellis perennis 12c before and after surgery and then daily.

For the first few weeks of this project bellis perennis rocked the hospital. Patients who had had the bellis were recovering faster than the hospital had ever seen before: smiling, happy, up and active days before their peers who received placebo. There were some appendectomies, some hysterectomies but mostly C sections and we got to meet many gorgeous babies on our rounds.

After the first few weeks however something happened which was strange to see: the hospital, as if it was one organism, adapted to the faster recovery of the bellis patients, accepted it as the new norm and expected all C section patients to recover in the same time. It was heart breaking to watch. On ward rounds in the days after surgery, although we did not know who had received placebo and who had received the homeopathic remedy, the surgeon and I could guess pretty accurately which were which. The bellis patients were more likely to be sitting up chatting to each other and playing with their babies while the placebo patients were lying down, facing to the wall, absorbed by their pain. But because all had received a bottle of medicine, be it verrum or placebo, all were expected to get up and leave the hospital within three days. Bear in mind this is happening in a country where pain medication is in short supply.

The whole thing was an eye opener for me, although it was supposedly a double blind experiment, (neither the staff administering nor the patients receiving knew if they were receiving verrum or a placebo), there were so many other variables and chasms of understanding to be bridged; between English and Swahili, the homeopaths and the surgeons, the surgeons and the nurses.

I am haunted by the gratitude of the young mothers who received the placebo and told us with a brave face that they were fine though obviously suffering. All of us on the homeopathy team made it our business to ensure that every mother went home with a bottle of bellis perennis but we weren’t there every day so some undoubtedly slipped by.

As with all of our work in Africa we did the best we could with the man power and resources we had, we helped people who we had the opportunity to help and witnessed others we couldn’t reach. It went deeply against the grain to give placebo to patients who we could reach and although I am left with a visceral understanding of the effectiveness of bellis perennis in abdominal surgery I very much regret all of those women who went home with a bottle of placebo.

In the interest of reaching mothers in Ireland who would like to choose homeopathy to help them with the birth of their baby I am running a study day for midwives on Thursday 15th February 2018 - details on my website

Study Day for Midwives

Saturday December 09, 2017

The difference a homeopathic remedy can make for a woman during labour is very small.

As the lightest touch on the steering wheel of a speeding car keeps the car and its passengers on the safest path, so one dose of a homeopathic remedy for a woman in labour who is beginning to find it difficult to cope, brings focus, steering the labour back to its correct path and allowing it to progress.

A labour that is progressing in its own time in the right direction is far less distressing, even if it is painful, than a labour that is off kilter in some way.

The well chosen homeopathic remedy allows the wisdom of the body to realign. If the pain of contractions is felt in the thighs or the cervix, for instance, the remedy will bring the focus back to the fundus of the uterus where the action should be. If the woman’s mind is distracted by fear or despair or anger the homeopathic remedy will calm and allow re-absorbtion in the task of labour.

The pain of labour can be of an intensity never before felt or imagined, flipping the woman into terror as she tries, impossibly, to rise above it. But if the fear can be stilled by the homeopathic remedy she has the option of going down into the pain and allowing it to flow usefully through her, doing its opening work.

If contractions are uneven in the uterus or the cervix is rigid the problem may be exhaustion and distress from an impossible task. If a homeopathic remedy can realign the labour making the contractions useful again, the woman will re-engage and the labour will progress.

Homeopathy is an effective, powerful and gentle system of medicine but it depends on skilled observation in the prescriber. Midwives are skilled in observing labouring women and, once they learn the sphere of usefulness of each homeopathic remedy, will know exactly how each remedy can be applied to keep a labour on the safest, surest path.

The difference homeopathy can make to a labouring woman is very small. A small change in direction at the first sign of trouble can avoid an intervention and an escalation of interventions.

On the Midwives’ study day you will learn about homeopathy and why women choose to use it during pregnancy and labour and how to recognise clear indications for 16 different homeopathic remedies which are useful during labour. With knowledge of these homeopathic remedies you will be able to support women who choose to keep their labour progressing safely with homeopathy.

Homeopathy and Worms

Tuesday November 07, 2017

Homeopathy is brilliant when it works!  It doesn’t always work because the remedy has to be carefully chosen for each individual and only the one that suits you will work for you.  You know how different your children can be from one another?  Each child may need a different remedy even if they have the same cold.  So treating your children for worms could mean a different remedy for everyone in the family.  But luckily there is a homeopathic remedy which fits the picture for worms so well that it can be tried for anyone who has worms.

This is the homeopathic remedy Cina.  If the Cina picture matches your child’s symptoms closely enough a single dose of Cina 30 could stimulate his system enough to help him shed the worms completely.  

The beauty of a homeopathic worm treatment is that if you try it first and it works you avoid giving your child heavy duty medication.  Or if everyone in your family has worms and you are pregnant you can safely handle the homeopathic remedy.

Children who have worms wriggle.  The worms set up such an itch and an irritation all through the system that the child literally wriggles like a worm.  

This is not just an itch around the anus where the worms come out to lay eggs at night.  The worms are only in the digestive tract but the irritation can be everywhere.  All the mucous membranes are irritated from the worms. This is why children who have worms will pick their noses, they are trying to ease the irritation.  And it’s not just picking, they may bore into their noses with their fingers even until the nose bleeds or rub and rub trying to get rid of the irritation.  

They wriggle and twitch and rub and they are restless and cross.  Even a child who is normally good humoured and easy going can be irritable and cranky if they have worms, refusing everything offered, being impossible to console, or asking for something but refusing it or throwing it away when it is given to them.  They are so cross and uncomfortable that they don’t even want to be touched and hate having their hair brushed.  They might not even want to be looked at.

Worms could be the reason your child is pale with dark circles around his eyes. He may complain of a pain in his belly which could be swollen and he could be ravenously hungry even after eating, wanting to only eat sweet things or bread or he may have no appetite at all.

This is an extreme picture and if you child has all these symptoms Cina will almost certainly help him to expel the worms.

But children mightn’t react this strongly to worms and may have only the itching around the anus at night or the pale face and the nose picking.  If your child has any of the worm symptoms or if he has been diagnosed with worms or if you have seen the worms in his stool it is worth trying a dose of Cina which may clear the problem completely.

To check out the next parents’ course in homeopathy for children go to

Homeopathy and the new tooth

Monday October 30, 2017

I have talked about the fact that none of my children or grandchildren have had antibiotics and laid this good fortune at the feet of homeopathy. Any time they were ill I used homeopathy and I never had to resort to antibiotics or pain or fever meds. But we make our own good fortune and this involved a lot of study and sometimes nerves of steel.

Paracetamol, for instance, can stop a fever; bringing an almost immediate, if temporary, end to worry. But that is the problem, the fever is stopped in its tracks putting an end to the immune system cycle that the fever was instigating; the worry is over but so is the exercising and development of the child’s immune system.

One of the parents who has just finished my course on how to use homeopathy for kids used the homeopathic remedies this week for her 8 month old teething baby. Instead of using nurofen for her fever she used first aconite and then belladonna and then mercurious because although the baby stopped crying and went to sleep after the belladonna she was still pulling her ears the next day and there was a possibility of ear infection.

After the remedies the baby stopped pulling at her ears and a visit to the doc confirmed her ears were clear. Her throat was mildly red but after a constitutional remedy this did not develop, her appetite returned, no more remedies were needed and the end of the week brought the reward of a new tooth!!


I was reminded of my own time as a young parent, discovering how I could rely on homeopathy, learning to use reduction in pain, returning appetite and energy or renewed ability to sleep as signs that illness was resolving. Learning to observe and trust my observations.

Making that call when the world is telling you to stop the fever with paracetamol or nurofen can be a pretty scary place to be and I take my hat off to those parents who held their nerve this week only once resorting to paracetamol. Their commitment to the long term health of their child, nursing her through teething while her immune system grows strong and wins its own battles was perhaps nerve racking but enormously worth the effort in long term health gain for her.

The next parent’s Course is coming up on the 11th November - click the link below to book.

Adventures in Homeopathy: Measles

Wednesday October 18, 2017

In the old homeopathy books they talk about measles “striking in”. They mean where a child is coming down with measles and the rash doesn’t develop. According to the books this is the most dangerous form of measles; this is the child who, instead of a rash, will develop encephalitis. The disease develops inward to the brain instead of outwards to the skin. This accords with the homeopathic understanding of health, that a healthy body will throw its troubles out onto the skin.

Our house was visited by measles in the winter of 1994.

Our eldest child developed a high fever with the measles and a very red rash. The fever stayed until the last spot disappeared from her feet – they literally began to disappear from her forehead and her whole body cleared from the top down.

Our little one was really too young to get the measles at a year and a half and got it quite badly. The chesty cough was worst for her and she needed quite a few remedies to deal with it over the few weeks that she was ill.

But our middle daughter was the most scary. She lay, with a low fever, quietly in her bed and she didn’t develop a single spot. At first I thought that she was ill with something else but as I began to realise just how bad her headache was I remembered reading how measles can “strike in” and effect the brain instead of the skin.

I ran to give her the homeopathic remedy bryonia which is one of the remedies that is useful when spots that should appear do not appear. It is also indicated in headache which is worse for any motion which would explain why she was so spookily quiet and still – doubly frightening because she was the most sick of the three but making the least noise; how easily I could have been distracted by the others. Anyway, I gave her bryonia and her spots appeared and the pain in her head went away.

I will always remember the colour of her spots which were a dull, dusky pink, very different from the fiery red of her sister’s spots. But they were spots and they were on her skin and from the time they appeared she began to recover and went on to have the six months of glowing health and the developmental leaps they say are common after successful measles.


Needless to say I have never forgotten that welcome rash and have gone on to give bryonia successfully for other ailments, for example mastitis, where the colour of the inflammation is that dull, dusky pink and, for fear of the pain which comes with movement, the person is holding themselves very, very still.

Powerful Parents

Friday October 13, 2017

If someone completes my short course on homeopathy for parents feeling empowered to make health decisions for their child, I am happy. No-one knows your child better than you. You know their sleep pattern, their food likes and dislikes, their digestion. You know their personality, what they like to play, what they are afraid of. You know their triumphs. You are the one who knows how they are when they are well and when they are sick and spots when they are coming down with something.

Doctors are expert on medicine and on drugs to treat different parts of your child but you are expert on the bigger picture – you are expert on the whole child.

On the homeopathic parents’ course you learn homeopathic remedies for common childhood ailments so that you can help your whole child to deal with illness, recover quickly and bounce back to energy and good form.

Health is not just an absence of individual symptoms, it has a wholeness to it, it is a blossoming of well being. Knowing how to conserve, support and promote health is just as important as knowing how to treat illness.

I have raised four children without the use of antibiotics but I didn’t always do without the antibiotics entirely. Sometimes I bought the antibiotic and put it on the shelf while I tried the homeopathic remedies first. Homeopathy always won the day. I never needed to take the antibiotic down from the shelf.


The next parents’ course starts on Saturday 11th November and runs for four Saturdays – 11th, 18th and 25th November and 2nd December from 10.30 to 1pm in Harbour View Business Centre, Clarance Street, Dun Laoghaire.  Click the link below to book.

When one remedy prevents a world of pain

Saturday October 07, 2017

When my second child was born I was in good emotional health. I felt great and the birth went great – with Sandy’s help when the labour slowed. So it was shocking when the baby blues hit. The blues arrived with my milk and sucker punched me into the gutter. I remember sitting and weeping endlessly, feeling deeply that my husband and children would be so much better off without me. I remember trying to be rational and looking at the riches of my life; there was NO reason to feel like I did. But it was like being in a black cloud with absolutely no way out. I wept endlessly, and so did my boobs – I had serious over supply of milk and my clothes were wet all the time. That’s when Sandy gave me Pulsatilla. Within an hour or two my eyes dried, my milk regulated, the black cloud blew away and the sunshine came out again. It was almost shocking how quickly I got better, like a switch had been flipped. When I think of how seriously those blues were building before Sandy’s help, it makes me frightened and sad for all those poor mums who deserve help like this but don’t know it’s available”.

The story above is a testimonial from a patient who received the homeopathic remedy pulsatilla and is typical of the difference one remedy can make – sorting out a problem while it is still building and preventing it from becoming long term.

The remedy pulsatilla is one that we study on the parents’ course and I think that anyone who has studied it would know of its usefullness in this situation. The aim of the parent’s course is to give parents an understanding of health so that they can make health decisions for themselves and their children with confidence. We study 27 homeopathic remedies which deal with common childhood ailments and family problems.

The next parents’ course starts on Saturday 11th November and runs for three Saturdays – 11th, 18th and 25th November, from 10.30 to 1pm in Harbour View Business Centre, Clarance Street,Dun Laoghaire.  To book phone Sandy on 01 2841048 or 086 8344520 or email hydnas@gmail.


Adventures in Homeopathy: Aconite

Sunday September 17, 2017

In the olden days, before we had electricity, we had an old diesel generator which used to clatter and thump away in the shed any time we wanted to run the washing machine or have light in the house. We also had paraffin lamps and candles and often preferred them because although not so bright they were a lot quieter.

One wet and stormy winter night, long after dark, we decided it was time to turn on the generator and, equipped with rain gear and lamp, my husband went out to the shed in the lashing rain to deal with it. In the dark, hampered by his oilskins, he tripped, dropped his light which went out, put his hand out to save his fall and landed on a sharp piece of corrugated iron cutting himself badly.

The first we knew of the accident was when he burst in from the storm covered in blood and terrified. Normally pretty level headed he was completely freaked out by the fall, the sudden pain in the dark, by the storm and by the blood. His terror carried him up and down the back room holding his bloody hand out in front of him with me and our two small girls flying after him. He was convinced he was going to die but wouldn’t slow down for long enough to let me help him stop the blood or get a proper look at the wound.

Eventually I realised I was not going to get a chance to look at the wound and instead, stepped back and looked at the man. Aconite is the homeopathic remedy for extreme fear of this kind so I gave him aconite. Everything changed – with the fear taken out of the equation he immediately switched back into his usual mode of practical man, stopped pacing, sat down and had a look at the wound which turned out to be not as bad as it felt!!

A happy ending to the story: the wound healed nicely with hypericum and calendula and I had a very useful image of the sheer pitch and level of fear in the remedy aconite.


Adventures in Homeopathy: Colic

Monday September 11, 2017

With our first two children I used the common homeopathic colic remedies and they never had a problem with colic.

Our third baby was different and night after night she would scream with pain and we would walk the floor with her – all of us anxious and distressed. At this stage I was a brand newly qualified homeopath but I had already been using homeopathy for ten years for my family. My husband had felt the benefit over the years, with relief from flu, sinusitis, hangovers and some spectacularly fast wound healing. We had also been through a fair number of coughs, colds, fevers and earache with our first two girls – all resolved with homeopathy.

So – back to the night in question: I had tried all the obvious homeopathic remedies to no avail and my husband was walking with the baby so that I could frantically look up the books to see what other remedy I could give her. She was rigid in his arms and exhausted from crying and from pain but keeping up a fairly constant yell with her little face all red and screwed up. Eventually I realised I should try the remedy colocynthis and on their next pass down the room I popped it in her mouth.

The change was instant, she relaxed in her Dad’s arms and fell asleep in a moment. All the red went from her face, all the distress disappeared and she was suddenly a pink and softly sleeping innocent.

My husband’s immortal words – ever supportive (not!): “You’d almost believe it works!”

The baby needed colocynthis a few times after that but never really had a problem with colic again.

I divorced the husband eventually – but only after 37 years.

Next parent’s course 10:30 am to 1pm on three Saturdays; 23rd September, 7th and 21st October - in Harbour View Business centre, Dun Laoghaire - Covering remedies for fever, earache, coughs, colds and flu, tummy bugs, diarrhoea and vomiting, first aid and also children’s fears and anxieties. There will be real life cases and plenty of time for questions.

When is fever your child’s friend?

Monday September 04, 2017

Fever has its uses. When your child’s body heats up in a fever it is making itself inhospitable to bacteria and viruses. When your little one catches a bug and develops a fever it is not the bug which makes the fever, it is her body’s defense mechanism attempting to eradicate the bug by burning it out. Homeopathic remedies work with the body to resolve a fever and any underlying infection gently and quickly.

Different homeopathic remedies are needed for different types of fever;



The child who needs belladonna will have a red face with their fever.

Belladonna is useful for a high fever where the child feels hot to the touch. Removing the covers from their bed is like opening an oven door their little bodies are so hot, though they may have cold legs.

In any case one of the signs that belladonna is the homeopathic remedy that is going to help them is that they really want to stay covered up. It is good to know how to use warm sponging for a child with a high fever but if your child needs belladonna they are going to hate it – they want to stay covered up and hot and they don’t want to be interfered with.

The remedy belladonna will resolve the situation quickly.



Chamomilla, the homeopathic remedy that Teetha is made of, is ideal for fever associated with teething (one red cheek) or associated with any pain.

We all react in different ways to pain. The chamomilla baby reacts to pain with anger. They are beside themselves with pain, don’t know what they want and cannot be comforted. This is the baby that you must walk the floor with.

In this situation the remedy chamomolla will ease the pain and calm the fever.



The pulsatilla fever is very different from belladonna or chamomilla – there is not the redness of belladonna – the child’s face may be pink and their eyes watery.

The fever is less likely to be high. The child wants to be uncovered and wants cool air.

The child needing pulsatilla can only get comfort from being with you and will not want to be left alone or put down.

Ideally if you can carry them slowly and gently they will be happy for the moment.

It is typical of pulsatilla children that their mood is mild and changeable. They smile through their tears.

After the remedy pulsatilla there will be more smiles and less fever.

Homeopathic remedies are highly effective when you choose the remedy that suits your child and they work very well for children. The parent is the ideal physician – you know your child, you know what he is like when he is well, you can see how he is changed in illness. There is a huge satisfaction that comes from giving him the correct homeopathic remedy and seeing his suffering ease.

Teaching Parents - A handle on health

Thursday August 31, 2017

I was over confident as a young parent. I had no problems with breast feeding (thankfully), no problems with nappy changing or endless adoration but my baby’s first snuffles, first earache and first fever found me on very shaky ground.

In a way I was lucky to have an old and grumpy GP who had no easy way with toddlers. We had taught our 14 month old what a trip to the doctor would involve and she was expert at opening her mouth to have her throat looked at but he had a better method of viewing babies’ throats; he told us that all he had to do was to make the baby cry. He demonstrated before we fully understood what was going on and we left with a very upset baby and a prescription for antibiotics which didn’t work.

I trust that there are very few doctors like that old guy but the experience set me on the road to homeopathy. I was lucky enough to learn which homeopathic remedies were useful for the common childhood ailments and I became much more confident about handling my kids’ health issues. We had four children and never used an antibiotic again.


It is remembering the relief I had with trusted homeopathic remedies in my medicine cabinet and some straightforward knowledge of how to use them that has brought me to my desire to teach parents. Over the years it has been a joy to me to pass on that relief and the confidence that comes with having a holistic understanding of health.

Sandy Hudson Homeopathy

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine using natural substances to help individual people with individual problems. You are unique and the way you live in the world and react to the things that happen in your life is unique to you. If you have a problem homoeopathy can help you by looking at the patterns in your life and by finding the homoeopathic remedies uniquely suited to you. Homoeopathy is a whole body medicine and the benefits are felt physically, emotionally and mentally. The homoeopathic medicines are very, very dilute making them safe and gentle, fast acting and effective.

Are you tired?

Many people learn to live with a low energy, dragging, constant tiredness. Our baggage builds up and drags us down; late nights, sleeplessness, money worries, buried resentment and disappointment (it takes energy to keep unwanted emotions buried). Toxic load takes its toll; over the counter medications which blunt the edges, coffee and sugar to keep us going, no time to exercise, never feeling quite 100% again after a cold or flu.

We all have natural healing power but there comes a time when it has been hit on the head just once too often by the daily grind. Homoeopathy offers a gentle, natural solution. Not another medication to add to the burden but a spring clean from the inside out individually tailored to you to reawaken your internal healing power, your energy and lust for life.

Do you suffer from headache or Migraine?

Anyone who suffers from migraine knows what the term holistic means. people who haven't experienced it might think that migraine is just a very bad headache which it is - a world of pain - but it also has effects all over the body; nausea which may be severe, vomiting, visual disturbances and mood changes among other things. Homoeopathy is a holistic medicine ideal for treating this whole body illness. During the consultation we also look at the time line of your health and how and why symptoms have developed over the years. Why you ended up with migraine is part of the whole picture which needs to be taken into account. Understanding the causes, which are different in each patient, is an essential part of homoeopathic treatment.

Rebound headache is another problem where homoeopathy is ideal because we don't just look at a single headache but the whole pattern of headaches in your life and how they fit with the general picture of your health. Solving the whole problem will sort out the particular problem. Using homoeopathic remedies for headache will not only ease your present headache but treating the whole picture will strengthen your system so that you get fewer headaches in future.

"I suffered for years and years with really horrific migraine, with three days of vomiting which could mean 4 or 5 days off work and could happen every week. Homoeopathy really helped me - I still get the odd one but I am 90% better" - M.H.

Are you catching every bug that is going around?

Homoeopathy's longest proven track record is in acute infections so if you suffer from coughs, cold, flu, toothache, UTIs or any other infection you can use homoeopathic remedies to deal with them and possibly avoid the use of antibiotics completely. It is vitally important not to use antibiotics until they are really needed.

"Because of Sandy, my children have never once needed antibiotics. They have been sick plenty of times, but homeopathy has resolved those sicknesses so cleanly that we have never needed anything else." - B.T.

Having dealt with the present infection the homoeopath will look into what it is that is making you vulnerable to repeated infections. Dealing with underlying causes brings up the level of health so that you are not susceptible to every passing bug and helps with general well-being and energy levels. Patients often report being in unexpected good form after taking their homoeopathic remedy. It is easier not to be irritated by everyday trials and tribulations when you are feeling great.

Would you like to learn how to use homoeopathy for your family?

Children are often the ones who get these acute infections, bringing them home from school and sharing them. I teach courses in homoeopathy for the family where you can learn how to use the remedies for fever and earache, coughs, colds, tummy upsets, cuts and bruises. Using homoeopathy can often sort the problem out before you need to resort to antibiotics which means that the child's system is stronger when they next meet a bug in school.

Leave your name and email here if you would like information on the next course:

"When I first learned about homoeopathy I found it hugely empowering. I was able to sort out most of my children's minor health problems with the remedies in my home kit and my one book. My kids' health became a possible challenge instead of a constant worry. I would recommend that any parent learn the basic homoeopathic remedies and how to use them." - S.H.

Are you worried about your kids?

Watching a child in distress must be the hardest thing. There are many seemingly intractable problems that you wouldn't normally think of as being treatable which disappear when you look at the bigger picture and give the homoeopathic remedy that helps the child with issues of self confidence and self esteem; bed wetting, nail biting, school phobia, bullying, boredom, sleep problems, night terrors, temper tantrums, violence, and jealousy to name but a few.

Kids who are unhappy for some underlying reason or who have daily physical discomfort that falls below the radar can get stuck in patterns of bad behaviour which they want to escape as badly as you want them to. Homoeopathy will help.

"For us as a family the headline act has been the way Sandy has helped the behavioural problems of our wonderfully wild young son. The right remedy has eased his life at times, has calmed the storms in his little brain and body so that we can see the shining light of him instead of only his raging darks, and enjoy his gorgeous company instead of only ever fighting, fighting, fighting" - B.T.

Do you want to avoid using strong medications in pregnancy?

Starting from conception homoeopathy is an amazing therapy to have in your life. From problems with fertility, all the way through the physical discomforts of pregnancy, the natural worries about child birth and first time parenting, the birth itself and those first few tender months of the newborn's life, homoeopathy will safely and gently ease the way. Morning sickness, piles, backache, heartburn, labour pains, wound healing, getting breastfeeding established too much or too little milk, baby blues, mastitis, colic, teething, nappy rash and constipation. You know when you use homoeopathy that you have chosen the natural, safe, gentle, effective option for you and your baby.

"Sandy helped me throughout my pregnancy, helping me deal with symptoms such as migraines and morning sickness. She was also invaluable during my daughters birth. My contractions were coming hard and fast and were so painful. I had found a position where I felt I could just about bear them, but I was so scared of them getting any worse, I didn't care if I didn't progress, I was just curled up and bearing it, I would go NO FURTHER! Then Sandy arrived, gently coaxed it out of me how I was feeling, and popped a remedy in my mouth. It didn't become less painful but somehow I now knew I could do it. I stopped being scared, climbed onto my knees and got to work!" - E.T.

Are you trying to get pregnant?

This is another problem which definitely effects the whole of your life and benefits from understanding the whole picture. A lot of things have to be right before that miracle moment of conception happens. Homoeopathy does good, basic, physical work helping with regulation of hormones, helping your body to get the nutrients it needs from your diet and helping with any physical problem. But it also helps to clear the emotional problems of past trauma and present day fear which may be physically effecting your whole system.

"I have a history of PID so I was worried I would find it hard to get pregnant. After months of trying, I was getting anxious and turned to Sandy. She gave me a remedy she described as for someone 'who longs to swim upriver and spawn!'. I know homeopathy gets a short shrift but after taking the remedy I was astounded when I fell pregnant on my next cycle!" - E.T.

Do you long for a good night's sleep?

Sleeplessness can be difficult to treat because it is definitely a whole person problem. It can be a mental problem where your mind will just not switch off, an emotional problem at a worrying time in your life or a habit engrained after a time of worry or grief, it can be a physical problem where your body will just not let go of wakefulness or it could be a side effect of long term chronic illness. whether it is pain or habit or worry that is keeping you awake or all three homoeopathy will tackle the WHOLE problem. Hearing the whole story and understanding the problem from all sides is the key to treating the cause and finding the individual homoeopathic remedy that is going to suit you and dissolve the obstacles between you and sleep.

"My troubled sleep... I am now enjoying a restful deeper sleep that I have missed for quite some time... Thank you Sandy :)" - J.K.

Are you having difficulty concentrating?

Anxiety, the stress of approaching deadlines, overcrowding thoughts, traumatic memories, boredom or just a foggy brain which may have a physical cause, can all make concentration difficult. Homoeopathy can get to the root of the problem. It is especially useful when studying for exams where the pressure of facing the actual exam is making studying difficult. Homoeopathic remedies can also be used to help with the mind blank panic which can happen even when you know your stuff.

Are you looking at homoeopathy as a last resort?

Welcome. Many people come to homoeopathy as a last resort having found no real relief anywhere else. If this is you it may just be that you need the clarity of vision that comes simply with looking at the whole picture. It can be surprising how taking a wider view of your whole health can make sense of one part and the homoeopathic remedy that fits the whole picture will help you.

"I could feel Sandy's experience while she was treating me, the treatment worked and is still working, and I'm far happier to be taking something natural instead of anti histamines" - B.M.

Are you in pain?

Pain is very, very physical yet its causes may be nebulous. If we know the cause we can find the homoeopathic remedy that fits the cause of the pain. But if we cannot find the cause at least we can look at your reaction to your pain. Whatever the cause of pain the way we feel it, when and where we feel it, the nature of the pain and how we react when the pain comes on is very different from individual to individual and choosing the exact remedy to suit each individual will help to tackle that person's pain. There are hundreds of different homoeopathic remedies for pain - there will be one for you.

"I have found Sandy Hudson to be a very good, experienced, sensitive, and intuitive Homeopath. I'm grateful for the day she came into my life." - E.B.

Sandy Hudson in her office
Sandy Hudson MCH PCH ISHom qualified from the College of Homoeopathy in London in 1991, is a founder member of the Irish Society of Homeopaths and has been working as a homoeopath for twenty five years. Sandy has four children and three grandchildren. She moved home to Dun Laoghaire early in 2012 having gained extensive experience of family homoeopathy in her rural practice in Co Cork. In 2013 and 2014 she spent six months in Africa where she worked for Homoeopathy for Health in Africa in conjunction with local hospitals using homoeopathy successfully for people suffering from HIV/AIDS and other serious disease.

Radio on Shelf
Another Way Radio Programme
All of us have huge capacity for health which we don't always completely use. We rely on conventional medicine to save lives but there is a world of difference between being diagnosis free and having full, blossoming, energetic health.

Sandy's radio programme Another Way is a series of interviews with complementary health practitioners whose job is to bring people back to this good quality of health.

The practitioners interviewed have different ways of working but what they have in common is an understanding that there is more to health than an absence of symptoms - there is the PRESENCE of energy, optimism and strength to fulfil your life potential. The journey starts by tackling pain and illness and discomfort but the aim is total wellbeing; physical, emotional and mental.

Holistic medicine means the health of the WHOLE person improves. This includes feeling less fear, less frustration, less anxiety, being able to think clearly, sleep well, enjoy food and friendship and adventure and have the sheer physical energy for your beautiful life.

Read a little about the individual programmes and listen to the podcasts here.

Ten top tips for the suicidal

7th December 2016
These are not tips on how to commit suicide! And that is my first tip

1. If you are feeling suicidal and yet you are alive it is vital to acknowledge that achievement. Even with this much pain you are alive. Day by day by day living through the pain, the despair, the bleakness you have chosen to live. Everyone is suicidal for different reasons but feeling badly about yourself is usually somewhere in the mix. Give yourself credit for being alive today. Count the days on which you have managed, against the odds, to stay alive.

2. It is never true that people will be better off without you. I know that while you are in the midst of the pain it feels absolutely true that your family would be better off if you were gone. But their lives will never be this rich without you – they will never have the opportunity to understand you and your experience of life if you take that life away. Your family need the wisdom that you are gathering on your dark journey. All of us have hard times and we need the guiding light of people who have been there and come back again. Gone into despair and out the other side. Been there and survived.

3. Make choices. You are still alive which means you have made the most difficult choice - to stick around. Start to make tiny choices every day - choose to cross the street to walk in the sunshine. Then notice that you are in the sunshine. Know that you chose it. If you cannot bring yourself to cross the street notice that this is what you chose and congratulate yourself on making a choice. Exercise your choice muscle. As you become a choosing being you will have more power in the world to choose what you want and things will get better.

4. Do not diet. Your life is very hard just now. Do not make it harder in any way. If you can add into your diet any foods that are alive your body is going to thank you - any fruits - any veg. But if junk food is where it is at for you; own it, love it, enjoy every mouthful. If all food is tasting of nothing these days acknowledge that you have made the difficult choice to eat anyway.

Davy washing our clothes to come home
5. Get help. Search around in the dark for the ragged end of a life line and take it in your hand. Some life lines are short and only carry us for a moment - a smile in the street. Some are longer and last a day. People are always throwing lifelines. The one you want may be dangling out of your reach but there will always be shorter ones. Take them. They will bring you to the place where you can grab the long life line securely tied.

6. Throw life lines to other people . People are lonely out there, and sad. Stop and talk about the weather. Hold a door open. You may not have a smile to give but make eye contact, acknowledge all those other lives. We are in this together.

7. Be grateful. I do not mean that you should count your blessings. I have not found that to be helpful - just an exercise in counting the reasons I should be happy but am not. Just be grateful for one thing. Find one small thing that feels good; an item of clothing that is soft. A comfortable chair in a café. A briskness in the air. Notice it. Be grateful. Feel the gratitude. Let it spread. It might not last but moments of gratitude are like vitamin C to the soul – they mend you.

8. Forgive. There will be a time when you are able to forgive yourself and all of those who have hurt you. When you forgive you make yourself free and that is the reason to do it, only to make your life easier. Serious forgiving might be another day's work but in the meantime you can start small. Forgive your trousers for being too tight, the bus for being late. Forgive the rain. Say it out loud, it takes a moment only and begins to open a tiny crack in the dark.

9. Go to your homoeopath. All the holistic therapies treat the whole person which means that treatment for physical symptoms also brings huge emotional relief. If you have no physical symptoms go to your homoeopath with only your suicidal depression. Homoeopathy can help you. I am alive because of homoeopathy and I have helped others.

10. You have nothing to lose. You will come to a point – rock bottom – where the only way on is up. There will be a turning point and a recovery. In the meantime things are bad - what have you got to loose? Live as if you have nothing to loose, as if no-one is watching. Think the impossible. Take one of these ten top tips and try it out, even one might help the tide to turn for you.


5th July 2015
Mild fever, mild headache, mildly unwell - all manageable until the spots start to ITCH and the child starts to SCRATCH!! Cut his fingernails for a start and keep his hands clean.

The two main remedies are PULSATILLA and SULPHUR. Pulsatilla for the child who is weepy and sweet and clingy, Sulphur for the tomboy. Pulsatilla for the child who gets relief from cold bathing or wet compresses, sulphur for the child who doesn't want to get wet because it is too stingy and the itchyness is worse after bathing. Pulsatilla for the thirstless child (try and get her to drink - the remedy will help), sulphur for the thirsty child. ANT CRUD and RHUS TOX also very good for the child who is suffering from the rash. Ant crud, touchy, cranky and fearfully itchy especially worse for bathing. Rhus tox miserably itchy, SORE and BURNY though sulphur burns as well. All these remedies for the spots that are more itchy when the child gets warm in bed. All good for the blistery stage and for the crusty stage. Good luck!! If the fever is high or the headache is severe get help.

Post Natal Depression

Sunday World June 2015
Post natal depression must be one of the saddest forms of depression because it comes at a time when your life should be full of the joy of a new baby.

New mothers are very vulnerable, they have been through the huge hormonal changes of pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding, they have been through labour and childbirth which may have been traumatic, they may be dealing with stitches or a C section wound and they have a tiny new person to care for who may be keeping them up all night. New mothers are often expected to cope with all of this largely on their own and under this pressure a healthy bout of the baby blues can settle into a serious depression.

Women can feel ashamed of their feelings of depression, especially when everyone around them is saying how lucky they are to have a healthy baby. Being depressed is bad enough without this added stigma, and it can be very difficult to reach out for help. But help is available. Many holistic therapies can have a real impact on how you feel and help you heal from this difficult time and enjoy your baby as you long to.


Homoeopathy is one. The great thing about homoeopathy is that it addresses the whole person and the whole problem. Whether the post natal depression is due to the shock of a traumatic birth experience, the sheer exhaustion of a twenty four hour a day baby or an imbalance of hormones, each of these things will resolve as the whole person is treated.

When you visit a homoeopath she will be very interested to hear about your experience and what it feels like to be you in this situation. Post natal depression may be one diagnosis but the reasons for it and what it feels like will be as varied as the number of people who have it.

Even telling your story can be therapeutic, it may actually be the first time that you have put the whole picture together in your mind. The homoeopath depends on finding the homoeopathic remedy that most closely fits your symptoms and your experience of your situation so she needs to understand it and will work with you to fit the puzzle pieces together.

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine which powerfully yet gently helps the body to regain its healthy balance but perhaps more importantly, forming a bond with one person who is not going to be shocked by how black you feel and who has tools and the experience to help you find your way out the other side of depression is key.

Exercise with support

Some GPs are great and will make the necessary emotional connection and work with you all the way through, but the reality is that your GP may just not have the time. A good GP will suggest diet and exercise but these are difficult things to do on your own.

John Campbell who is a personal trainer in South County Dublin says he finds it very sad to see women stuck in the cycle of weight gain and lowered sex drive as a side effect of antidepressants causing them to feel miserable and unattractive and compounding the depression. He worries that these womem are being prescribed antidepressants by someone who hasn't listened to the reason that the woman is depressed in the first place. A woman may be in lock down mode after childbirth, not going out and not able to wear the clothes she wants to wear. John feels that the last thing she needs is medication that may make her gain weight.

A personal trainer like John will have a holistic approach, will form a partnership relationship with you and will have a genuine desire to see you succeed. He says that the relationship with your trainer is friendly, positive, supportive and confidential. When you train you do not have to be on guard or watch what you say. John says that once he can improve your diet and get you training the endorphin rush will come in, lift your mood, and help you with motivation to continue. It is well documented that physical exercise has a very positive impact on mental health.

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Jim Mc Mahon is a Cranio Sacral Practitioner based in Dunlaoghaire and Mallow and has an approach which is equally compassionate. He says that it's ok to feel under pressure and that this is not a weakness. Most of us will have periods of overwhelm in our lives.

The work that Jim does is not trying to fix you because you are not broken. Instead Cranio Sacral therapy will work with you, listening to what your body is trying to say, finding out the reasons it feels overwhelmed and very gently guiding it back to its state of well being. Jim say's this is done in a hands on manner working with Mother and sometimes baby and Father as well. Everyone is affected by this situation.

Jim also says that while modern medicine can be wonderful, and many of us will turn to medication for all sorts of ailments during our lifetimes, medication normally works on the symptoms and not the cause. If we go the medication route when diagnosed with post natal depression, it can happen that the root cause takes much longer to surface. Although the medication route may seem an attractive and necessary option it can be good to know that there are other options. These options can turn this difficult time in our lives into a whole new experience of growth and understanding of ourselves.

A cranio sacral treatment is typically about an hour long. It's similar to going to an osteopath - the patient lies on a treatment table while the Cranio Sacral Therapist gently maniplutes your head and limbs.


There are homoeopathic remedies for the physical trauma of childbirth such as arnica but trauma can be more than just bruising. Labour can be an intense time especially if the new mother has a history of trauma. For example bullying at work, a history of abuse or even a frightening car crash can be vividly relived in the months after a traumatic birth or worse still the feelings of dread or anguish can be very present without really knowing why you are feeling them.

Homoeopathy has remedies to meet these situations which will spark off the recovery process. I remember another patient who has given me permission to write about her whose worst fear was that she was not going to be able to love or care for her baby. This was felt as a terrible, black foreboding and agitation. The depression cleared after the remedy cimicfuga and that baby is grown now - well loved.


Another thing that can be terribly hard for the new mother to bear is watching her baby's distress if he suffers from colic or has trouble settling on his own or problems with feeding. There are homoeopathic remedies such as colocynthesis, chamomilla and lycopodium which can help greatly with colic and remedies such as pulsatilla which help regulate the milk if there is too much or too little. When baby is happier and more settled Mum will be less anxious and will be more likely to get a night's sleep which is one of the things she needs for her own recovery.

Sandy Hudson is a Homeopath, her clinic is in Dun Laoghaire. She has over twenty years experience working with families and has written widely on Homeopathy for mothers and young children.